On September 14, 2009 I started a little baby blog originally called “Jake: A Mom’s Opinion.”   If you read any fashion magazines in the 90’s, you surely came across Glamour’s “Jake: A Man’s Opinion.”  Two years later, Jake got a baby brother he called “Nake.”  Once Jacob realized his brother was actually named Nate, I renamed my blog to “No It All.”  Click here for some additional backstory.  It pays homage to the two-year-old toddler phase both boys went through when the answer to every question was “no.”  And of course we occasionally find ourselves saying “no” to the bathtub wrestling and the “light-saver” battles and the eating of straight ketchup with spoons… just occasionally.  Plus the whole purpose of a blog is to publish your all knowing and uncontested thoughts, observations and pontifications into the universe for the joy and embarassment of your future literate children, right?

In all seriousness, this blog is meant to be a gift to my kiddos.  A chronicle of what they were like when they were little– their childhood dreams, adventures, vocabulary, and daily events both big and small.



  1. Hi Jaime, love the look of your website! Wish all the best to you, James and the boys. Am proud to be a member of AZ team James! Glad that you all have access to great medical care.
    We had our own brand of unwelcome excitement last Wed. Claire had to go to the ER with acute rectal bleeding which is life threatening. She lost 7 units of blood. Eventually diagnosed with portal (liver) hypertension. The doctor placed a band around the protruding blood vessel in her esophagus. Doctor strongly suspected liver disease due to alcohol. Ultrasound came back no liver damage. Claire is a moderate at worst drinker. She is home, looks and feels good. She will now be treated as an outpatient. I am still in shock. I hope all works out for James.

    • Ed– Welcome to the team! We are so tremendously blessed to have you. What a terrible, terrible scare for you and Claire– I am so glad to hear she does not have any liver damage and that she’s feeling better and under good care. I hope you’re both taking it easy. I know what you mean about the shock. It’s felt like weeks for it to finally dissipate. Our love to you both.

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