Chicken Death Destroyer Fucillo

It is with sincere grief and mourning that the family of Chicken Death Destroyer Fucillo, of San Luis Obispo, announces her disappearance and assumed passing, on Friday, September 8, 2017.  Although a curious hawk was observed patrolling the area, authorities have identified the prime suspect as a coyote spotted in the early morning hours late last week.  Chicken, or as her friends called her, “Dee-Dee” or “Deathy,” will be lovingly remembered by her adopted family, as well as her loyal step-sister, Chicken Sando.

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Dee-Dee was raised by a committed and fiercely protective mother.  Following in her mother’s footsteps, she spent the majority of her time aspiring to motherhood and recently moved to the Central Coast looking for love.  True to her name, Mama Bears had nothing on Deathy— she’d peck your eyes out if you approached her nesting box.  She enjoyed sitting for long stretches in the dark and was unapologetic about her resulting traditional build.  In her spare time, she practiced mindful meditation and spent hours in chicken pose.

A celebration of Chicken Death Destroyer’s life will be held Sunday at the Squire Canyon Coop with the good Reverend James presiding.  In lieu of flowers, friends and family are working closely to raise funds toward a new Defender Chicken Coop.

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