Today James took the boys miniature golfing in Santa Maria.  I’m told Jacob won and they all had a great time.  Apparently there was one hole where two of their balls went into the hole and never came out.  After James jammed the end of his club into the hole with no luck, the groundskeeper came over to help.  He shoved his leaf blower into the hole and “Pop!” out came a pink ball.  And then a green ball.  And then another pink ball.  And another.  Then in one unexpected golf tidal wave, at least twenty-five golf balls came gushing out.  It was so supernatural, they all had to come home and watch Star Wars.

And speaking of supernatural, Jake and I are about half way through Book 7 of Harry Potter.  We’ve been immersed in the wizarding world all summer and it’s been our special escape— a little slice of heaven.  When it’s all over, I’m worried the withdrawals will be so bad we’re going to have to read that new play.  I mean, I generally like reading plays, but I’m concerned it won’t really be what we’re looking for… which is to keep our Harry Potter reading club going for-E-ver.

Unfortunately Nate doesn’t like Harry Potter, though he is the undefeated reigning family champion of Harry Potter Uno.  No one can beat him, not even Papa.  So while we’re reading, he usually plays Harry Potter Uno with James, or spends the time inventing new forms of goofing around.  I do know that sometimes he’s listening because he’ll unknowingly break out into a sing-song, “Potter you rotter, Potter you rotter,” imitating every Gryffindor’s least favorite ghost, Peeves.

Meanwhile Jacob spends most chapters acting out the various emotions of each character.  I lay against the pillows on our master bed reading from my iPad, while he sits up and portrays Dumbledore being pensive, or Ron acting shocked.  Tonight he was especially animated, executing a dramatic interpretation of Hagrid’s giant half-brother, Grawp, fighting Death Eaters and then, when it was all over, kissing his two fingers and saying in his deep, gravely giant voice, “Peace out!”

Broadway here we come…

This last book has gotten decidedly darker and more teenagery.  We’ve had a number of deep mother-son conversations on snogging and relationships and appreciating the finer qualities of smart girls.  Tonight we’re reading/acting our way through a particularly stressful chapter as the trio of friends is on the lam from You-Know-Who.  And I say, “Jake, what’s with all the H’s in this book?  Harry and Hermione?  Hallows… Horcruxes… Hogwarts… Hagrid!  Huh?  Huh?”

Jake gets it, of course, and immediately one-ups me, “Ha!  Ha ha ha!”

I love how we just get each other.



  1. Oh, what timing…I was secretly dreaming about the day that Luca and I can enjoy Harry P together while strolling by a poster at the store today! What age did you start the first book? (I feel like we’ve probably got some years to go as he’s still enjoying Olivia & any book that involved a train…)

    • Cole– We started the first book when we moved here this summer and Jakey was/is 7. Nate (5) is definitely still too little– he only wants to see the pictures (the iPad has cool illustrations that are sometimes animated). What I particularly like about the illustrations is that they don’t show the characters’ faces. It’s always drawn from behind them or their hair is in the way, etc. Better for the imagination 😉 I’m hoping someday Nate will want to read them with me all over again?!

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