Rogue One

On Tuesday of this week, James took the boys to see the new Rogue One Star Wars movie.  And today they had to wrestle the DVD player out of storage so the three of them could watch the first Star Wars movie, which is technically the fourth?  I don’t even know.  Fortunately I was at work.

I’m a Return of the Jedi child.  I liked ewoks, and Princess Leia (Rest in Peace) and Jabba the Hutt and then I was done.  I totally failed some sort of Obi-Wan quiz tonight at dinner.  I’m not ashamed.

James started the boys’ Star Wars education years ago.  Long before I would have approved watching something with so many lasers and swords and laser swords.  I admit, the weekend after the diagnosis we went to the movies to take our mind off things.  It didn’t work so well…  The Rogue One poster had me in tears as I’m certainly not prepared to take up the Star Wars training.  It’s crazy what you worry about when under extreme duress.

I will say though, for the record, back in October I was at a party when I was challenged on my knowledge of certain Star Wars soldiers.  It was just before Halloween and the topic of costumes came up.  Jake was going to be a ninja for the second year running, and although Nate likes “Dark Vader,” he wanted to be a Clone.  Not a Storm Trooper, a Clone.  I knowingly clarified, “Clones are the good ones with blue on their faces.”

No one believed me.  They questioned whether there was even such a thing as Clones…  I was just a teeny bit incensed.  I mean really, I’d spent quite some time researching clone costumes on Amazon, aaaaaand I was the proud owner of an SUV named Harrison Ford.  Clearly I know something about Star Trek.  Ha!  I would never make that mistake… C’mon, gimme some credit people.

When I arrived home I consulted the experts.

“So, Storm Troopers are white and Clones are white but they’re totally different, right?  Storm Troopers are bad and Clones are good.  Am I right or am I right?”

Nate, “Yep.  And Clones have blue on their face.”

Case closed.


  1. For the record, my comment above was a heart (not “?”….!?!) XO

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