Dirty Jobs

A few weeks back, Jakey and I were laying in my bed discussing the events of the day.  I’m pretty sure it was the night after we were rescued by the surly black tie movers.  Somehow we start talking about jobs I could never do…

“I always thought long-distance truck driver was possibly the worst job for me— I’d have to quit after three hours, that’s my max.”

“What about garbage?”

“Hmmm, yes.  Wouldn’t be my favorite job.  I have a long history of disinterest in waste management… but now I’ve decided mover.  Mover might possibly be the worst job ever for me.  I’d be grumpy all the time.”

“Oh yeah, Mom?  What about… (dramatic pause)… the Snack Shack?  Imagine if that was your job?!”

That Jacob… sharper than a can opener intended for a super-sized can of nacho cheese.

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