Last year we were into super heroes.  But this year, this year we’re into dragons.

OK, we’re still into super heroes, but maybe only if they’re training dragons.

Around August, in a quiet moment, Nate took the opportunistic silence to declare, “I want to be a Twansfowmewr for Halloween.”

“A Transformer?  Got it.”  Meanwhile I wait until about two weeks before Halloween to plan any costumes as I know this is just the opening bid.

But this year we went almost straight to dragons, thanks to the movie How to Train Your Dragon 2.  Nate was up for “dragon” because they fly.  And flying is pretty much the only criterion by which he makes decisions.  We only like super heroes that fly.  And clothing with characters that fly… and pajamas.  And underpants.  So Nate dressed as Toothless the dragon in possibly one of the cutest Halloween costumes to date, rivaling even the Year of the Sock Monkey.  I bought the hat and “wings” from two different Etsy artists and thus ponder how I might make a living by becoming an artisanal purveyor of dragon capes.

Jake requested a “dragon paraglider costume because I ride dragons and fly,” which after a little research was less alarming than it initially sounded.  It easily translated into a character named Hiccup with billowing velour “wings” and an armor-like mask.  Now: Make sure they don’t really believe they can fly, ride or paraglide.

And since I like my family to match, I whipped-up a scheme for James to dress as the big, red-bearded dad Viking and for me to dress-up as the Plain Jane mom Viking (which I’m sure if I watched the entire movie I’d find out is a tough, fire-breathing Viking @ss kicker.)

James’ costume may have been the best.  1) Because I found an online purveyor of plastic Viking hats that are sold via J. Peterman-esque illustrations.  Two uses of the word purveyor in one blog?  I believe the only former purveyor I know would approve.

So, the Viking hat was possibly some of the best Amazon reviews I’ve ever read.  One guy said he wears his helmet while mowing his lawn and his wife doesn’t worry about infidelity.  That clinched the sale.  2) In a Halloween night moment of creative ingeniuty, James paired his costume with a brown velour and faux-shearling nap time blanket.  He got many a look from small children scurrying out of his path as he strode around the neighborhood.

Halloween was as fun as ever.  Nonna and Papa joined us and helped hold down the fort while we went Trick-or-Treating.  Unfortunately, the rain chased away more candy-crazed visitors than I would have expected.  As we trooped around from house to house,  Jake maintained his discerning aim only toward “spooky houses.”

Nate declared, “Look, I’m not scared anymore!  I’m not scared of anything.”

I finally fulfilled my dream of visiting the Rosecrutian house and saw the life-size coffin in person.  But the boys wanted to head home and pass out candy.  They were crazy candy hander-outers.  They liked to jump around and yell into the dark and try to throw candy into bags like a carnival game.  The highlight of the evening was many a trick-or-treater recognizing Jake and being shocked that he lived in our very house.  The shock was mutual as Jake recognized many a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle from his very own kindergarten class.  It was like he had changed out of his Hiccup costume and straight into his Rock Star costume.  I believe we saw Phoebe, Jair, Christo, Sebastian and his brother David.  Nate got so crazy and overstimulated that he crashed in tears.  I’m sure he has no regrets.

Then last week we were driving in the car and we pass the Mummy Museum.  James says, “So Nate, are you ready to go back and visit the Mummy Hole?”

“No, I’m too scared.”

And I ask, “Wait, what?  You told me you’re not scared of anything anymore?!”

“Nooo (Silly Mama).  I’m not scared only if I get tweats.”


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