The Big Time

I wrote this blog back on the first day of school.  And then I was caught up in a Kindergarten tornado and got hit in the head… unrelated but true.  So I have some catching-up to do on my catching-up.  What else is new?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 

This is it.  The day.  The BIG day.  Today we graduated from parents of preschoolers to “parents of school-aged children.”  Duhn duhn DUHN.

We’ve been talking about it for months, maybe even years.  Kindergarten.  The big time.  The big league.  The bar is raised.

But before we jump right in,  I think it’s only appropriate to wrap-up the comings and goings of the last few weeks.

Helen graduated early and Jake was separated from his first best friend.  He took it well.  He tells me, “It’s OK, we know where she lives.”  But last night he was searching the house for “girlie things” he could mail as presents to Helen and Olivia because he misses them.  We found some Frozen tattoos and princess stickers.  I had to put the kibosh on mailing our Baby Cillo dolly.

Helen did come back for graduation and my previous performance bet hit the jackpot.  Jakey sang.  Jakey danced.  And most importantly, when he had to speak his name into the microphone and walk assuredly across the stage to receive his diploma, his voice deepened two octaves and he was one of the most confident and clear speakers in his class.

Last Thursday, they let Spike the Praying Mantis go free— off into the wild of the bike yard.  Spike had grown to full size and probably only had a few weeks left to complete his lifetime bucket list.  I caught one last farewell Breakfast for Spike and felt good I could say my goodbyes and send him off well fed.

And yesterday was Jake’s last day at St. Lizzie’s with his buddies and Miss Amy.  We got Miss Amy a thank you present for her dog Milo, right up Jake’s alley.  It was a black rubber ball with a giant vaudeville mustache attached and a box of fancy iced dog cookies.  According to the reports, Milo snuck into the bag and emerged with the doggie tennis ball cookie, despite the pink bakery box and tissue paper.

A puppy after Jacob’s own heart.


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