Halloween: Nate’s Perspective

As I’ve mentioned, Nate is perpetually Superman.  “I’m Superman.  I FLY!” (crash)

It’s probably been about two weeks of: Superman shirt into Superman pajamas into Superman shirt into Superman pajamas.  I’m embarrassed to admit that last week I sent him to school in his brother’s dirty Superman shirt because it was “less dirty” than his own.

Fortunately Gwama and Gwandad read my blog and made an outing out of visiting Target and buying each of the boys two more Superman shirts plus a man of steel sweatshirt.  Nate’s Superman pj’s are chronically in the hamper and so my new system is to put him to bed in his clean Superman shirt for the following day, with Batman pj pants and a fresh pair of socks.  It’s really streamlined the morning routine: just add a new diaper, jeans, shoes and you’re off.

So yesterday James and I find ourselves back at Target getting at least 600 pieces of Halloween candy for the big night.  I find four more unique Superman shirts we don’t yet own (shocking, right?) and at $4.50 a pop, decide to throw them all in the cart.  Later that evening, Nate was especially enthusiastic about the rare orange and yellow Superman “S” shirt I found… his two favorite colors.

Fast forward to 4pm when Nate is scheduled to participate in his school’s Walk-a-Thon Halloween parade, fundraising event, and general parent ogle-fest.  I spot my youngest, dutifully holding hands with Miss Ria (Maria), who is wearing a Superman shirt and also holding hands with Lucas, dressed as Superman.  Nate is carrying his shield, but wearing jeans and his new “There’s One Way 2 Save the Day” Superman shirt.

My first question, “Where’s your costume?”

“I don’t like my costume.  I’m Superman.”  Hasta Luego $23.70.

We head home for some pumpkin carving, potstickers and trick-or-treating.

Dusk approaches and I ask Nate if he’s going to wear his costume.  “I don’t like my costume.  I’m Superman.”

“If you don’t wear your costume, you can’t get any treats…”

Captain America was ready five seconds later.

We head out while Papa mans the door.  Nathaniel makes it up Pat and Clarence’s steps next door because he’s already touched the plastic witch that has crashed her broom into their front tree.  He’s still wary of her dormant ability to come alive and get him.

As we make our way down the street, the decorations get more and more outlandish.  He backs up at the site of the witch handing out glow necklaces at the “Dead and Breakfast,” knocking over their battery-operated candles.  As we walk down the sidewalk, he begins saying things like, “It’s too dark in here for me.”

The house with the motion detector sound effects sends him packing.  “Ooh, a kelikan.  Two kelikans!  And ‘piders.  There’s ghostez in dare.  I’m too ‘cary, I’M TOO ‘CARY!”  (If you aren’t following, that would be: two skeletons, spiders, ghosts, and too scary.)

We take a break to regroup and bolster our confidence.  I pep-talk him up to a couple of friendly houses with no decorations or only G-rated decor.  Mostly I hear, “That house too ‘pooky for me.  TOO ‘POOKY!”

At our neighbors across the street, he got excited for a minute because a lady was handing out candy in a long red cape.  “Ooh, Superman.”

Based on her horns I gently inform him, “That’s not Superman Honey, that’s the devil.”

“Oh.  I don’t like the devil.”

Good news.

He pleads with me to carry him home to the safety of passing out candy with Papa.  But that also is wrought with challenge as the enclave of our home is breached by a parade of super ‘cary guys coming to the door for chocolatey treats.  These guys can essentially all be grouped into the category I like to call “dead-face of various persuasions.”  Plus we had most of the lights off inside.

All in all, Nate tells me he liked Halloween but I’m not entirely sure.  Thinking back on the plastic ghost of the kitchen remodel of two thousand twelve, he’s been quite the fraidy cat for an entire year.  Though he did in fact pet a candy-crazed golden retriever last night.

I’m too ‘cared to think about what yesterday may do to disrupt tonight’s peaceful night’s sleep.


Nate’s friend Lucas, Miss Ria & Nate.  Superman… Man of Shield.


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