Pop Hit Head Hoe

I’d say you’re never quite as in-tune with your daily vocabulary as you are when trying to raise two moderately civilized English-speaking monkeys.  I still remember that at Esther’s house, we could only say ‘rump.’  My second grade teacher, Mr. McGuire, had us calling it our gluteus maximus.  And I remember my two-year-old brother biting my grandfather in the derrière once while helping him in the garden.  All he could say after that was, “Pop hit head hoe,” over and over.  Later on, that same brother was always calling me ‘Buttface’ with gusto, so I guess it was anything goes at my house…

And now, a guest post from Grandma:

We  have been laughing everyday about this one…

Riding in the car this past Friday, after picking the boys up from school, they start calling each other “bum-bum” and grinning like it is the dirtiest word they cold possibly say!

We ask, “What does that mean?”

And Jacob tells us, “We can only say ‘bottom’ and not ‘butt,’ but Mama doesn’t know what bum-bum means.”

My how naive they think you are!

And then Uncle Geoff chimes in:

It was when they said “blow it out your bum-bum” in a voice like grandma’s that they caught my attention…

And then I thought:

Good one Bum-Bumface.  Good one.

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