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This past Saturday I had my first evening out with Nathaniel James; just the two of us.  It went like this:

We decided to go out in the afternoon since this was our first official night on the town.  He asked me to drive.  At first glance, it didn’t appear he had dressed-up for the occasion.  To be fair, neither did I.  Though I did brush my teeth.

We decided to walk around Santana Row and grab a bite to eat.  After parking the car, the first thing he said to me was, “I want a treat!”  Boys… always trying to skip past the chit chat and get straight to dessert.

We both enjoyed a macaroon, some agua, and some people watching.  We saw a yellow Ferrari parked on the main drag.  He exclaimed, “Ooh look, a lellow race car, my favorite.”  He had me take a picture of him with the car to send to his dad (?).  He’s got some quirky speech thing going on.  I like it.  And we both like yellow.  At least we have that in common.

Then we headed to the almost worthless playground.  He took one spin down the slide and was scared-off by another user.  We took our soccer ball to the grassy area and played catch.  He impressed me with his pitching skills.  I like athletes.  But, after watching a baby playing in a rather questionable fountain, he became a little clingy.  Not really what I’m looking for.  Then we saw the yellow race car leaving and he directly put the blame on me and pouted.  A little bit of an emotional time bomb if you ask me…

He agreed to a bit of shopping.  We perused Paper Source for some wedding cards I’m delinquent in sending.  Out of the blue he exclaims, “I ‘Trong!”  At first I thought he was asking me to call him by another name.  Turns out he was just trying to impress me with his muscles.

We took a minor detour to Crate&Barrel for some gift cards to accompany our greeting cards.  He was like most men I’ve dated— rather impatient when it comes to shopping.  At one point he loudly requested, “I wanttogooutside.  Go outside, PEESE!”  Guess he’s outdoorsy.  That could be good.

We easily agreed on an outdoor seat at Pizza Antica.  When faced with two options of pizza or pasta, he immediately made up his mind and chose pizza.  I appreciate a decisive guy.  The conversation was a bit forced.  I felt like I had to carry the whole thing.  He was very interested in talking about his love of condiments.  And knives.  Red flag?  At one point he ingested salt straight from the shaker.

I asked for a little smooch and he readily obliged.  Toward the end he couldn’t stop looking at his phone.  And begging for his brother.  Seems he’s close to his sibling.  That seems positive.

But, he didn’t even offer to pick-up the tab.  He acted almost as though he didn’t even notice me giving my credit card to the waitress.  I guess this is the state of dating in 2013…

We headed back to my car and made our way home.  He freaked out when I put my sun visor to the side, blocking the driver’s side window.  “No like dat.  No like dat.”  He’s got quite the controlling side to him.  Not sure how I feel about that.

When we arrived at my house, I asked if he wanted to come in.  He accepted.  Then he said, “I want the remote control.”  Romantic.

I’m kind of on the fence— is he my type?  He is seriously cute.  Despite a rocky first date, I’m pretty sure it’s a love connection.  Actually, I’m positive.


Nate & the Lellow Ferrari


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