Operation 2: Day 1

Nate woke-up in his usual way this morning: flicking the light switch on and off and then knocking loudly until I finally put down my make-up brush and delivered the little prince, his baybit, and his nigh-nigh via his royal litter to the comfort of the warm spot in the bed which is rightfully mine.  All was right with the world.

At lunchtime I remembered to text James and ask him to cut a little hole in the pink nigh-nigh.  He wrote something about not wanting to take part in my premeditated baby torture.  How quaint… he thought he had a choice.

Apparently Natesy came home for his standard routine: curling up on the couch with his baybit and his nigh-nigh to watch Ononots (Octonots).  James handed him his nigh-nigh and he said, “Uh oh.  Uh oh.  Hole.  Hole.”  Then he told him, “No, no, no.  Udder one.  Udder one.”  First he looked in the hallway, then in the bathroom, then in our bedroom for a new nigh-nigh.  Then he wouldn’t watch any TV and just hung around James’ feet in a moody funk.  He tried to satiate his depression with a string of snack requests.

When I came home he was face down in the Pottery Barn Baby La-Z-Boy and didn’t even greet me with my daily, “Hel-lo Ma-Ma.”

When we finished up our night reading books in the bottom bunk, at one point Nate dropped the pink nigh-nigh over the side of the bed (because he’s just holding it in his hand, rather than having it in his mouth.)  We look and look and finally I see something under the toy crate.  It’s the two-tone green nigh-nigh that I haven’t seen in ages!  I quick pull a David Copperfield move and get it stuffed in the back pocket of my pants before he knows what’s happened.  We find the pink nigh-nigh right next to where the green one was.

He keeps saying to me, “Hole.  Hole.”

“Hmmmm?  Hole?  That’s OK.  I’m sure it still tastes the same.”

I laid him down in his bed and there was definitely a moment where it could have gone either way.  He looked alarmed and kept repeating, “Nigh-nigh?  Nigh-nigh?”  I quick plugged it in his mouth, told him it tasted just as good even with a hole, gave him a big kiss and got the heck out of there.

Remember, once an operation starts, there’s no turning back, Soldier.


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