Aquaman & Land Rover

I distinctly remember my first swim lessons.  My teacher at La Madrona had a huge straw hat and she made me lay on my back a lot and I was completely freaked out.  All I remember is looking up at a lot of sky and straw hat.  I don’t think I did any swimming.  A year or two later a little boy taught me how to swim in less than 2 minutes at Harvey West Park.  No exaggeration.

So this morning we went to our very first swim lessons at the Almaden Valley Aquatic Club.  And it was SO fun.

Recently a friend of mine reminded me that I used to talk about Jakey and his triple bathing ritual.  He literally took a shower with me, a shower with James and a bath every night.  He would have climbed into the dishwater if we’d have let him.  He’s a Pisces.

So I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that our little fish loved it.  I could see him listening to his teacher from across the pool, grinning from ear to ear.  The look of happiness on his face was unbelievable.  His teacher, Justin, even took the time to talk to us afterward to say how unusual it was that he put his face in the water and tried holding his breath, which he said can sometimes take weeks.  (Justin clearly doesn’t know about the swimming lessons JJ’s puppies have been giving him.)

Nate was less eager, despite his astrological designation.  There were some tears in the beginning, and at the end when the water splashed in his eyes.  But there were also some giggles and smiles.  He’s a natural at climbing out of the pool.  I have a feeling we’ll have an even better time next week.

And fortunately, not a single straw hat.


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