Up until this point, Nathaniel has been a man of few words.  In some ways we’ve welcomed the reprieve from holding-up the other end of yet another 16-hour conversation.  But there is also that kernel of worry that your baby will forever sound like Tarzan.

So it has come as quite a surprise that Nate is finally producing numerous examples of spontaneous speech.  There’s baby! and trea! (treat) and tree (tree).  Plus jacket and zip it and dip and balloon and yeah and orange and cheese and no (nose) and poom (spoon) and tees (teeth).  He’s especially into baBOT (robot) and bamboom! (bamboo).  I don’t know why my children have always been early identifiers of bamboo… maybe if we lived in China.  He’s even saying pease (please) and thank you.

Plus he’s repeating what we say and trying to say phrases when we ask him.  Jakey’s always exclaiming, “Mama, Nakesy said scone!”  (Or whatever vocabulary he’s testing him on that morning.)

But, a couple of weekends ago we were all piled into our bed early in the morning.  Jake’s laying there, drinking his milk and he says, “Hey Nakesy, can you talk yet?”

Of course Nate replies without hesitation, “Gnoh.”


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