Waiting on Fernando

Many years ago, someone asked James a question we no longer remember…  His response however, has entered the realm of Fucillo Family lore, “I work for Habitat for Jaimie.”  Ha, ha.  What a clever man I married.  And on that note, this is the beginning of Week 4 of Extreme Makeover: Kitchen Edition.

Right now we’re waiting on Fernando.  I’m always on the lookout for good rock band names (I really don’t know why), and I think Waiting on Fernando is quite promising, thus my suppositional trademark.  Though actually waiting on Fernando, our cabinet maker, is not my favorite.  I’ve known since Day 1 he’d be the bottleneck on this project.  I’ve known this based on one part actual cabinet making complexity, one part mischievous repartee, and two parts sparkly eyes.  He has the same charming eyes my high school best friend’s boyfriend had.  “I’m going to miss deadlines” kind of eyes.  I make-up somewhat relevant reasons to visit him every other day.

So, our fancy camping set-up continues.  We’re getting dangerously low on clean laundry.  And I’m concerned the local eating establishments are upping their projected revenue forecasts based on our frequent patronage.

James was in there earlier today putting the trim back up.  Nothing like having to wear your least favorite, back of the drawer clothes to revive a man’s dormant home improvement skills.

Now that’s what I’d call contributing to a worthy cause.


  1. Bring your laundry over.

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