When Jacob was little he spoke quite a bit of Spanish.  Some of his first words were musica (music), baila (dance), oso (bear), pan (bread) and agua (water).  He even pronounced agua with the right accent (sounds like awa), though now he’s somehow picked-up the non-native hard “g.”  Go fiyure.

A few weeks ago we were touring a house in Santa Cruz with Alesia, Charles, Eleanor and Gallagher.  Gallagher is the most polite, stately French bulldog you’ll ever meet.  I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if someone told me he is descended from royalty.  OK, so a few weeks ago, Jake is leading Gallagher around this old Victorian home and Gallagher is calmly taking all of the bossing and leash pulling in his usual regal nonchalance.  James overheard Jacob on the porch, “Come on Gallagher.  Andale!”

It made me happy to hear he’s still got some Spanish bouncing around in his vocabulary.  Then, one afternoon last week he told James they had pumpkins at school.

“You know Daddy, ‘jack-o-lantern’ is Spanish for ‘pumpkin.'”

“Really?  Isn’t that just what you call it when you carve a pumpkin?”

“Nope.  It’s Spanish for ‘pumpkin.'”

Bueno?  Mmmm, asi asi.


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