Turf Wars

I’m scared.
Apparently there’s a lion in my house…
Well, there’s a yi-yon in my house…
And only Jacob can see it.

Now I wouldn’t be that alarmed except that I recently found out someone we know has a real bobcat living in their house.  Houseguests are afraid to go to the bathroom at night.  I’m not making this up.

I asked JJ if our yi-yon is a big yi-yon.  Fortunately, he assures me it’s a baby.  And this baby yi-yon is always trying to get Jake’s toys.  I am constantly recruited to guard his fishing pole, his flashlight, his bicycle, “No yi-yon get it.”

Now Jacob is also pretty well-known for his own lion dramatics.  My friend Sarah told me how much she enjoys hide-and-seek with her little girl and how she’s scared she’ll outgrow it.  I can confidently report that at 2 years 4 months, hide-and-seek is still going strong… as evidenced by the yi-yon that is always hiding in my closet and then jumping out to ROOOOAAAAAR! at me.

Two yi-yons.
One walk-in closet.
I’m just worried this house might not be big enough for the both of ’em.


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