1. I wish I was Tina Fey.  (I fell in love with her as Sarah Palin.  I wanted to be her after the outtakes in the movie “Date Night.”)

2. Hazel is the word you use when you have no idea what color something is.  (As in, my son has hazel eyes… I waited 21 months to find out the color of my baby’s eyes, only to find they’re indescribable.)

3. Modern Family might be my most favorite show.  Phil Dunphy.  Period.

4. Macs are not that easy to use.  They have funny marketing.

5. This is the end of BP, despite what the “experts” may say.

6. I found out I love the Colbert Report (pronounced Rapport).  His humor helps to distract me from that wonky ear.

7. People in California are trying very hard to make smoking tobacco virtually illegal.  Meanwhile people in California are trying to make smoking marijuana legal.  Are these the same people? 

8. Sometimes they publish lists of the best inventions of all time.  Any publication that doesn’t have indoor plumbing listed as #1 goes straight to the outhouse.

9. I can’t listen to recorded music made for kids or sung by kids.

10. Jakey is 14 months, 4 weeks old.  I’m still not certain what color his hair is.  Maybe… hazel?


  1. you are to die for. jaimie, maybe the best thing that ever happened to me…

  2. :) Happy Saturday. I need to call you to find out about your hair research.

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