Psychic or Psycho?

Ten minutes with Google and I’ve uncovered a whole new world on Chinese face reading.  I think maybe Alesia and I should investigate this as I know she has fortune-telling transactional experience.  Is it frowned upon to take your baby’s ear lobes to a psychic?

Face Reading: What Your Ears Say About Your Early Years (Should you be interested in reading your ears… I have uncovered a simple and informative article for you…)

Jacob’s first official Chinese ear reading done by his mommy via Google internet research:

* Big earlobe:  The Buddha had very big and long earlobes. (he was also bald)  So if you have big and long earlobes, it’s extremely good luck.  Everything comes very easily to you, (like eating, tongue clacking, clapping) and you know how to enjoy life.  If you run into trouble, there’s always a person there to lend you a helping hand. (or pick you up when you’re standing in your crib in the middle of the night)

* The ear is as high or higher than the eyebrows:  This means you are pure of thought with a high intellect, thus you will be steered toward the area of the arts or research.  It also means that you will not be destitute at any time in your life. (so you won’t be moving back in once you’re a grown-up!)  You might not be a millionaire because you don’t follow the business track, but you won’t be poor. (follow your heart)

* Big and rounded ear tops:  You are exceptionally smart, though not in the traditional, grade-point average way.  Understanding things comes easily, but you don’t apply your intellect to just everything.  You will engage your smarts only in the things that interest you.  Children with these ears should be encouraged to find their own niche, and they will excel at that. (no, master at flirting with female strangers on the train is not a niche…)


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