OMG, like gag me with a spoon…

Saying Baby Jacob is a hungry kid is, well, an understatement.  Some of his first nicknames centered around the easy to recognize “Piggy Face”, “Hungry Face”, and the infamous “Hand Samiches”.  This hunger may have contributed to two incidents: 1) I experienced my first bout of Bad Mom Guilt thinking I had somehow pinched or burned his arm in his car seat and 2) a frantic call from Teacher Linda C. asking if he had a birthmark and having me rush down to see a bruise on his arm.  After some significant Mom sleuthing the root cause analysis revealed….  self-imposed hickeys.  Not only do we find Jakey’s chubby forearms undeniably edible, so does he.

At about 5 months it was obvious that Jake was unsatisfied with his all liquid diet, despite his weight to height percentiles of 75:50 (which have just recently reversed at his 6-month appointment to 75:90.  Look Dr. V. I said I thought he was skinniER– I didn’t say skinny.  When does Dr. Barnett get back?!)  Here is an exclusive review of Jake’s foray into the world of food beyond Baby Milk (hard hitting opinions you won’t find on yelp), in the order of introduction:

1. Baby Milk: Eyes-roll-back-in-my-head delicious.

2. Rice Cereal: Yummy, despite its paste-like flavor and consistency.

3. 3-4 Cheerios: My Grantmother (Chief Experimentation Officer) decided I should try these long before the experts’ recommended time line just to “see what happens”… my reaction was akin to mini round lemon wedges.

4. Mommy’s Mashed Potatoes: Gagged multiple times before the potatoes even touched my lips.  I’m pretty sure nothing was actually ingested.

5. Carrots: My Grantmother tried these out when babysitting on 09/21/09.  Primary reaction: Unknown.  Current status: OMG, like gag me with a spoon.  We have 9 1oz. portions in the freezer.  Too bad we don’t have more…

6. Sweet Potatoes: Lick the bowl delicious.  The best thing since Baby Milk.  Cry and whine if it’s not shoveled into my mouth in one continuous stream.  I would prefer the ability to suck down sweet potatoes via the superior delivery mechanism of a silicone nipple.

7. Nanvee (Banana): I tried to choke it down last night but because it was mixed with gagots (aka carrots) it’s unclear if bananas are also on the “try again later” list.  Supposedly I liked banana mixed with cereal on 09/21 according to the Chief Experimentation Officer.

8. Tomorrow: Butternut Squash.


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