Landcaping Complete…sort of.

So we’ve finally completed the landscaping of our home in Santa Clara, for the most part. And boy are we glad it’s over. The project as a whole was a big success, although I think most of it had to do with our tendency to get really involved. We can’t say enough good things about our landscape designer Alison at Botany of Design ( She’s got a great eye for design and super easy to work with. I wish we could say the same about our installer LandGro, or as Jaimie says “LandSlo”. We’ve found an all to common trait among certain contractors that have apparently no understanding of customer service. And LandGro was no different. They’d show up for two days and then we wouldn’t hear from them for a week and half. Interestingly enough though when it came time to pay the bill we heard from them on quite a regular basis.

Overall though we’re very happy with the end result. Everyone who walks buy complements how it looks and after 5 years in the house we will finally be able to have guest out in the back yard.

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