Namey Namerson

James and Jaimie.  Yes, it has it’s pros and cons.  Party intros: pro.  Snail mail: con.  And over the years we’ve met many folks that make our names seem crazy different: Mario and Martha, Andrea and Andreas, Tom and Thom.  In any case, we love names and our matchy-matchy couple kindred spirits.

James’ health is good, thank you so much for asking.  And while we’re on the topic of names, I have to share our continued serendipity.  As we were comparison shopping surgeons (not as fun as Back-to-School shopping), we came across both a Singer and a Sung.  Highly comforting when someone is going to take a laser to your larynx.  Dr. Sung is our unsung hero and the leader of the most important team we’ve ever assembled.  Who else is on our little dream team?  Dr. Reddy and Dr. Swift.  Exactly what I’m looking for when it comes to dealing with a life-threatening disease… Preparation and lightning speed.

James’ last appointment in mid-August went swimmingly.  All clear.  All happy.  He has his next appointment this Monday with Dr. Swift and a follow-up with Dr. Sung in a month or two.

Yesterday I had a quick appointment with an oral surgeon because I have a small bump on the inside of my lower lip that doesn’t seem to be going away.  Probably scar tissue or a salivary gland or heaven forbid, something else.

My only hesitation?  Tomorrow I head back for my appointment under local anesthesia with Dr….


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