Home Alone

Not a lot of new updates to provide on the #TeamJames front.  That’s the character-building part of this whole situation… getting comfortable with being so excruciatingly uncomfortable… and the waiting.  James and I will head-up to meet with the Stanford oncologists on Wednesday.  Meanwhile Granddad will come down to hold down the fort and attempt to wean the two ninja monkeys off of Christmas vacation.  Not sure which one sounds worse?

So as we’ve gotten comfortable with waiting, and acclimating back to actual winter rain, I’ve watched a couple of movies.  I can’t believe how much I enjoy Home Alone— such a hoot!

The next day we were driving in the car and somehow Nate started fantasizing about how great it would be if James and I left him, with his brother, home alone.

Nate: “We could play our Nintendos, and watch our iPads all day!… Well, if Daddy leaves them unlocked.”  (We have an app that controls the iPads.)

Me: “What would you eat?”

Nate: “We’ll eat hamburgers.”

Jake: “But how will we get them?”

Nate: “We’ll just drive the car.”

Jake: “We can’t drive the car!”  (At least one child appears to have developed some level of common sense…)

Nate: “We already have hamburgers.”

Me: “Yeah, but how will you cook them?”

Nate: “I’ll just use Daddy’s grill.  Just turn the button and turn the other button.”  (From his carseat, he waves his hands around with some flame-thrower sound effects.)

Me: “Mmmhmm… and how long do you cook hamburgers?”

Nate: “Forty-eight hours” he declares confidently.

THUS illustrating why we need Granddad.  Our sincerest thanks Granddad.


  1. Just read today’s story. Got a lot of giggles out of the idea of cooking a hamburger for 48 hours. After calming down, Beckett says “mom, that would be overcooked!”:)

    • Yeah… uh, good thing Nate probably doesn’t have a future in food service? 😉 We got your card today– so precious. Your notes warm my heart.

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