Swamp Water

This evening James headed back up to Santa Cruz in preparation for his post-op appointment tomorrow afternoon with our ENT doctor.  I hope to have a full #TeamJames report tomorrow.  Before he left, we decided he might as well shoot just one more of his “green powder” drinks.  As they say: One for the road.

After the diagnosis, James asked us to get him some “swamp water” while we were out at the grocery store.  Well, I’m not sure we were calling it swamp water back then.  He probably said something more along the lines of “healthy juices with trace amounts of sugar.”  So James has been experimenting with the plentiful variety of organic green juices available at your local Von’s.  He recommends the ones with ginger.

And in typical James fashion, once he is a connoisseur of something (coffee, denim, shoes, window trim…), he has to take it to the next level.  He’s already graduated to green powders.  Now for those of us rookies that are new to the supplements aisle, green powders are a phenomenon whereby they somehow take powerfully healthy vegetables like kale, wheatgrass, and alfalfa and vaporize them into a “super food” packet.  This packet can then be dissolved into the beverage of your choice and then chugged like a frat boy with a beer bong.

The pretty young green powder expert at my local Whole Paycheck advised me to pick-up a number of different packets so as to conduct our own experiment, allowing James to choose the one he hates the least.

Our highly advanced experimentation system involves me writing a succinct note on the empty packet as James splutters and gags over the sink.  So far, here are the results:

  1. Paradise Brand ORAC-Energy Greens: “Never Again
  2. Amazing Grass Brand Green Superfood: “Less Disgusting”

Two down, five to go.  Salud!


  1. Green drinks to a whole new level. Yikes.
    Rooting for you and family. Great Blog

  2. Cheers to the green powder!!

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