Tic Tac Kit Kat

What with all this cancer business, I’ve fallen behind on my reporting of magical creatures.

Back on November 14th, Nate was beaming as he finally received his membership card into the elite, prestigious club of grown-up tooth ownership.  He came home with a teeny tiny envelope, perfectly sized for miniature dental treasures.  I asked him to recount the story of losing his first tooth.  Apparently, they were all just sitting at their kinder tables, attentive as usual and “Pop!”, out falls Nate’s little lower Tic Tac.

“And then what did you do?”
“I raised my hand and told Maestra Irion.”
“And then what did Maestra Irion do?”
“She said, ‘Un applauso, Nate!'”

And the whole class gave him a round of applause.

That evening, Nate places his little tooth in his virgin Tooth Fairy teepee pillow.  As we get ready for bed, we double check the pillow and are genuinely alarmed to find the pillow pocket empty.  So far, Nate’s lost his first tooth… twice.  Fortunately Jakey finds it under his brother’s bed and disaster is averted.  Coincidentally, Nate’s Tooth Fairy loot (some chocolate coins and a pack of Pokémon) are also found under his bed the following morning, after another brief scare that she hadn’t visited.  She really must be burning the candle at both ends… letting so much slip through the cracks.

Meanwhile, the Book Elf made a late-breaking, surreptitious drop-off the second weekend of December, also known as The Darkest Days.  Our house is a hotbed of activity for little elfin creatures.  I just pray they don’t fall in love, run off, and dump their considerable workload on me.

Jake was so excited, he momentarily ceased his Santa suspicions and we immersed ourselves in the story of Hilo, The Boy Who Crashed to Earth.  Nothing like the Book Elf and a second grade graphic novel to pull you out of the depths of despair.

Then on December 18th, we head to our community theatre’s production of A Christmas Story joined by Uncle Bob and Aunt Bobbieta.  Also known as Bryan and Erin.  I really don’t know where all this Bob business started.

Skutt Farkas completely stole the show.  Of course we had to go to Mandarin Gourmet afterward.  As we’re waiting for our fortune cookies, Nate just rips his second little bottom Tic Tac tooth right out.  The waiter calls for a round of applause in Chinese.  No, I’m kidding.

The next morning, Nate awakens to find a second pack of Pokémon cards and a sizable bag of mini Kit Kats.  We’re all sitting around, admiring his haul when he turns with a big, knowing grin on his face and exclaims, “Look how big this bag of Kit Kats is!  Now we know for sure Mommy can’t be the Tooth Fairy.”

First Tooth

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  1. Bravo to the bottom tooth wonder boy!! And the magnificent tooth fairy and her bag of candy!! Xoxo

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