It’s the first day of January and my, my, my… what a year we had.  I fell a bit off the blogging bandwagon early last year, primarily because I ‘d started exploring the job market.  I had this concern a recruiter would stumble upon my personal stories of Jacob throwing-up from the second story of his bunkbed and deem me “not a good fit.”  (Check back soon for the reincarnation of this precious story, it’s somethin’ else.)

Then we embarked on the Endless Move of 2016, started the first phase of our new house project, began new jobs, settled-in at school, and then well, got the news we never, ever imagined we’d be faced with at this phase of our lives.

This space is where we’ve captured the highest highs, the relative lows, and the daily minutiae of the last seven years.  So it seems fitting to provide our latest news here.  You’ll likely find the #TeamJames updates sprinkled in with our most recent run-ins with the Tooth Fairy, the upcoming Little League season (how many unique blogs can one person create on the subject of nacho cheese?  Four and counting…), and the evolution of Pokémon here on the homestead.  You Pokémon connoisseurs should appreciate that last turn of phrase.

So, what’s the latest?  James is doing really well after his surgery and seven day personal retreat of silence, medically deemed “voice rest.”  Fortunately, he’s gifted at yelling with his eyes, and has an impressively loud snap that snaps these little boys shipshape.

His surgery on Christmas Eve Eve went well with removal of the entire tumor from his vocal chord with clean margins.  His voice is still a little raspy, but is so very good to hear.  Uncle Brett put in a request for the surgeon to go a little more Marlon Brando… hopefully he’s not disappointed.

James’ post-op appointment is coming-up on the fourth and then we’re headed back up to meet with the oncologists on the eleventh.  We are so deeply appreciative of  everyone’s texts, calls, posts, comments and positive thoughts— more than any of you can possibly know.  I’ve been listening to my favorite meditation podcast and she describes how people in distress need these precious connections and shared an insightful article by a journalist named Lucy Mayhew.  “Be patient and constant.  Like regular meals, a person in distress needs repeated comfort and as time passes, that need intensifies.”  So please, please keep it coming.

If you’re reading this, you’ve already been drafted to TeamJames.  And on this team, everyone’s a starter.

Loads of love.


  1. Thanks for the ??.

  2. #TeamJames all the way. Sending you love and light.

    I think we listened to the same podcast recently. ???

    • Arlene– Yes, we most certainly did. It seems quite serendipitous that you introduced me to Tara Brach and her teachings, meditations and wisdom. I feel so fortunate to have this steady, daily help to turn to, and that I’m not just starting from scratch. Remind me to donate.

  3. Cheering you all on! Love the #TeamJames fan club!!

    • Cole– Was really wonderful to see you over the holiday. James felt like he really had a chance to talk to you and JP and I could tell, there was just more of a bounce in his step. XOXO

  4. J – I forgot how much I loved your writing. will now be an avid blog follower again and will keep praying. much love.

    • Karen– Missing the old neighborhood and my most loyal long-time readers. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers– we need every ounce. 2016 seriously went down as one of the worst years on record… and the cherry on top? The closure of all the Pasta P’s. How could this happen?!

  5. Thinking of you Jaimie, James, & the boys. Sending love ?? –kim elsaessers

    • Clara! I knew if I hit the Facebook you’d see my post. Miss you. I can’t believe that video of Evan skiing down a cliff. I think it stopped my heart! Such breathtaking adventures. xoxo

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