This story is a little delayed, but I have a decent excuse, which I’ll get around to sometime soon… here’s a little ditty that gave me a chuckle:

It’s mid-May and the boys are both way overdue for a haircut.  We’ve been so wrapped-up with tee-ball and baseball and myriad social engagements that the boys are in desperate need of a serious buzz.

It’s Friday night and I’m in the kitchen with Nate and I broach the subject of a visit to SuperCuts the following day…

“So Nate, I think maybe tomorrow we need to find time for a haircut.”

“Cut it all the way down to a bald head?  Like Granddad?”

“Well, that’s not really what I was thinking but you can decide.”  And thinking I should probably defend Granddad’s honor, “And what do you mean– Granddad has hair!”

“Granddad has a couple hair.  Like twenty…. or ten.”

Sorry Granddad, I tried.

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