Earlier this week, Jacob had a weekday baseball game in addition to our two practices… which means we either eat pizza three days a week, or we go to “Pasta Peet’s,” where Nate can eat pizza.  (Nate still seems confused between Pasta P and Peet’s Coffee…).

So we get in the car to head home and James starts surfing radio stations.  Nate is very particular about songs and immediately directs his dad to return back to the traditional Mexican station.  As we enjoy the accordions, trumpets and Spanish lyrics, James begins backing out of the parking spot… and Nate exclaims, “I like Chinese!”

It was crazy.

Meanwhile we get home and Jake’s chatting me up and tells me again how he’s going to learn all the languages.  Every.  Single.  One.  It’s great that he has a real fondness for learning about other people and cultures and places.  So he says, “Yeah Mom.  First I’ll learn English and Spanish, and then Gibberish and Chinese.”

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