Skabetty & Elbows


Recently I’ve written about the secret, or now not so secret, language we speak in our family.  And I’ve also noticed the stream of new family vocabulary generation beginning to diminish.  It’s clear mainstream English is wedging out toddlerease as Nate confidently peppers his conversations with his plans to “destroy”…

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Pickin’ Daisies

It’s soccer season.  Jake is on the Ninjas.  And Nate is on the Thunder Bears. Fortunately or unfortunately, neither team is quite as menacing as they may sound. The games consist almost entirely of a swarm of kids kicking the ball past an unsuspecting goalie.  Generally ours.  There are an…

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Lately Nate has developed quite an affinity for apples… dipped in honey.  He tells me it’s so good.  I was having trouble understanding where this constant request had originated. But then last Friday he came home and reported that Rabbi has hair clips.  That’s how it stays on his head.…

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