The Book Elf

I’m a girl of many projects.  It’s really the theme of my entire existence.  It appears it’s genetic, as my dad seems to have a similar propensity.  And I think I’ve passed it down to Jacob.

This week James asks, “Hey Jake, wanna play Little League?”

And Jake answers, “Yes!”  A few moments pass…

“What’s Little League?”

Later this week I’ll write about THE GREAT PICTURE PROJECT… which may end me.  Or propel me to new heights of project confidence.

In the meantime, I’ve been spending hours on the internet researching children’s literature.  Again.  Or should I say, I’ve been helping the Book Elf with his research.

Last year the Book Elf embarked on a totally absurd tradition of bringing us a new book every morning leading up to Christmas.  Twenty four books… the Book Elf takes Christmas Eve off as he has other toy wrapping job responsibilities.  Last year the Book Elf started by wrapping each book, and then quickly came to his environmental senses and began sneaking in and refilling a reusable cloth bag he may have found on Etsy.

I was delusional enough to think that I was going to try and write twenty four book reviews thanks to this stealthy elf.  The evidence shows I wrote fifteen— way better than I would have guessed.

And this year I’ve teamed-up with the Book Elf, yet again.  I know… what?!  I even shared some of last year’s reviews on Amazon.  Someone “liked” my review for the Day the Crayons Quit and now I’ve gotten myself sucked into yet another project.

Thanks Dad.

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