Super Bowl II

Coincidentally, it seems we have an affinity for Super Bowl weekend when it comes to the BIG GAME.

The BIG GAME for an almost 3-year-old exclusively revolves around one and only one subject: The Super Bowl.  The Fiesta Bowl.  The Sugar Bowl if you will.  Yes, I know I’m crossing my collegiate and professional metaphors but seriously, the gummy bears are adding up.

I’m talking about potty training people.  It’s Day 6 of this tournament and I’m pleased to announce the current stats: Nate is up 5-1.  The latter number representing days with accidents.  Tuesday’s 2 fumbles really messed-up our record.

But we’re not in this for the short-term, it’s the end game we care about… Seahawks versus the Bronco.

As the lead hawk, I spend a lot of time circling the field.  Constantly cawing and questioning every quiet pause, every imperceptible shiver, every pounding of completely full sippy cups.  I’m constantly on edge.  As every Seahawk knows, a Bronco can rarely be trusted.  Especially when it comes to public places with lots of spectators.

And he is a bucking bronco.  He’s gone from saying he’s a baby and doesn’t want to wear underpants, to insisting he has to wear underpants to bed and bucking like a crazed stallion at the mere thought of a Buzz Lightyear Pull-up.  He can stand for nothing less than Robin underwear… who’d have thought?  But I am not interested in graduating straight to changing bed sheets in the dark.  That feels more like something we should tackle during Super Bowl XLIX.  On a side note— anyone who can form complete and complex sentences regarding undergarment preferences should have been a starter in this game quite some time ago.  No more cushy bench warming Sport.  It’s game time.

Paradoxically, last night Coach Daddy somehow tricked him into his Pull-ups so that I didn’t have to try and wriggle him into one after he’d fallen asleep in his crib.  Yep, crib.  The next big playoff.

Fortunately, the Seahawks are up and it doesn’t look like the Bronco has a chance.  Hopefully we can turn off this game early.


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