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Last week we honored the letter “g” in Jacob’s class.  Of course it was our favorite week because Jakey’s favorite color is green, and they asked Grandma and Granddad to come read a book, and JJ has new “glow-up” shoes that flash green every time he moves.  Plus he was able to wear his new green glow-in-the-dark bear shirt we bought in Yosemite after an unfortunate incident where he threw-up all over himself.  This is an annual theme that deserves it’s own post… once I catch-up on my December blogging.

For Friday sharing, Jake decided to bring his plastic green grass snake, his black gopher snake, some golden star stickers, and the green Grinch book.  I’m told most kids just bring one thing for sharing but in the words of Miss Pali, he responds to my hurrying, “No Mom… I’m challenging myself.”

As we were gathering up our gear for school, Jacob is making up a story with his grass snake and I overhear him say, “My snake knows how to gets results.”

A direct quote from the Swamp.  Genius.

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