Bucket List

Back before we had kids, we’d go to Valley Fair mall and I’d see giddy packs of munchkins in this place called Build-a-Bear Workshop.  And then I’d see them chowing down on pizza at California Pizza Kitchen.  I can’t explain exactly why, but it looked awesome.  Something about picking out an empty toy carcass and then watching it get stuffed with polyfill… when do I get to do that?!

Well, my friend, today was my lucky day.  Another item crossed off my bucket list.  We were finally invited to a real BABWCPK birthday party– whoop whoop!  Nate’s classmate Nico had his third birthday party today.

On the day we got the invitation, I RSVP’d immediately.  And I asked Nate if he had played with Nico at school.  Usually he answers no, but on that day he surprised me.

I asked him, “What did you play?”

“We played tools.”

So, we arrived at the mall today and I used my most nonchalant influencing without authority skills as the boys picked out their stuffed animals.  I was glad they didn’t just go with your standard bear.  They got to put hearts inside and name them and wash them in a pretend tub.  And the aisles of expensive accessories were irresistible.  We’re now the proud owners of a puppy named Doggie-o with a must-have Superman suit and a bunny named Funny with a new Batbunny outfit.  Tons of fun.  Happy birthday Nico!

Now, how do I get myself invited to one of those American Girl tea parties?


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