Several months back, my sister-in-law, Erin, told a story that I’ve just got to write down before I forget it.  I’m sure I’m not going to get it entirely right, but here goes…

My nephew Covin comes home from kindergarten with his dad and has some “news” to report to his mom.  His dad says, “So Covin, are you going to tell your mom what you got in trouble for saying at school today?”

And Covin says sheepishly, “Mom, I got in trouble for saying the ‘s’ word at school.”

And Erin says, “Covin, you said sh*t at school today?!”

And Covin says, “Uh no, I got in trouble for saying ‘stupid.'”

Woops.  Isn’t that just the best story, though?  I love it.

In our house “stupid” is definitely out of bounds.  As is “butt” and “Oh my god” and not much else… yet.

Lately Nate’s had a bit of trouble with the word “fox.”  Sometimes it’s fine, and sometimes it’s… not.  A few weekends ago I find him wandering around the living room, helping me to clean-up the toys.  He’s got his backpack from Grandma and Granddad that came with little stuffed animals and so far he’s found the black bear, the brown bear and the eagle.  He turns to me, shrugs his shoulders and asks, “What the fox?”  Only that’s not how it came out.

Probably’s been spending too much time with Auntie Erin…


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