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So I’m trying out a new blog name.  Sucking it in and squeezing into it.  Checking it out in the mirror from behind… it’s growing on me.

My original name, Jake: A Mom’s Opinion, was inspired by a regular column in Glamour magazine called Jake: A Man’s Opinion.  But I have to say, my interest in that magazine peaked during my freshman year of college and has gone downhill ever since.  Well, unless I’m getting one of my biannual pedicures.  Plus, once I added my dear little Nake, it just didn’t make as much sense anymore.

So it’s been two years and perhaps it’s time for the next evolution of this blog.  I considered just Jake & Nake, but there are two problems with that.  First, I’m assuming, predicting, (hoping?), Nate won’t be Nake forever.  Jake calls him Nake.  Nake calls himself Nake.  But sooner or later it’s going to dawn on them both… and will Teenage Nake roll his eyes and stomp around until I’ve gone back and corrected all the misspellings in my blog?  It’s unclear.  And second?  Ampersands are a problem in the blogosphere.  Jake and Nake just doesn’t look as good.

I’ve also been doing a little mommy blog internet research and have come to a number of conclusions… I’m still formulating these thoughts for an upcoming post.  Still, my browsing has helped me to develop better clarity around what a good blog title should be.  Here’s the list of blog title criteria I’ve come up with:

1. Memorable: You want something that’s going to be easy to remember… and not too long.  It’s an ADHD world, people.

2. Timeless: A good blog name has to grow with you, last through the ages.  I feel like “No It All” is clearly relevant for the preschool years, but also has great potential well into the teen years and beyond.  I mean really, do you ever stop saying no to everything your parents propose?

3. Personal: It’s got to feel personal— you must connect with it.  This is where it may actually achieve an ideal trifecta:  A) My kiddos have perfected their vehement response in the negative.  B) I myself, have been quite the proponent of a good long “noooooooo” since I was, well, 3.  Plus we do a lot of “no’ing” these days.  And C) What’s a blog for than to sermonize to the universe all your most closely held beliefs and observations under a clever double entendre?

4. Original: It’s got to be relatively unique.  You don’t want the same name as thousands of other mommy bloggers out there using some word or phrase built around a mommy word play and alcoholic beverages.  But it also can’t bring up suspicious or immodest results in a Google search.  It looks like this search turns up an amateur band known for their “tone of somber anger” and a website selling “high quality magnets and stickers.”

So I ask my loyal reader, whaddayouthink?


  1. it works…go with it

  2. Thanks Aunt Sara — I knew I could count on my fan to post a comment!

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