I can’t get anything past Jakey anymore.  Every word is under the microscope.  I feel on edge as we listen to the radio, or that’s he’s listening to what we’re watching on TV from the other side of the house.  The world is just teaming with fresh, inappropriate vocabulary.

Honestly, if I throw an unusual word into the conversation, I should be prepared to answer, “What is _______? (insert normal word you’ve never thought about much less described).”  I’ve found myself grasping for accuracy, simplicity, or at least some resemblance to what Merriam-Webster might say.  What exactly is the best way to explain mercy, translucence, morals and force fields?  I got in way over my head the other day when I tried to describe how a picture could go from Miss Dulce’s phone to mine.

This evening the boys are watching their two show allotment of cartoons and I hear, “Mom, what’s a fan?”  (Oh good, this one’s easy…)

“A fan is when you like something a lot.  You know, you’re a fan of swimming because you like it a lot.”

“Yeah, and like how I’m a fan of chocolate.”

True dat.


Ben & Jakey’s in June


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