Nate the Great

At school the teachers have coined him “Nate the Great.”  It’s pretty cute.

This past fall, I was visiting Jacob’s classroom and was lucky enough to cross paths with Helen.  Helen is the most cherubic, rosy cheeked little girl.  She has two older brothers and one time I recognized her pulling her own backpack through DFW. She was 18 months old.  Helen and Jacob are like two peas in a pod.  And according to Miss Dulce, they both love buttered peas.  Last January when the gas leak shut down school for two weeks, Jakey spent some time at Helen’s house.  For a week or two after, he would sob at nap time that he wanted to sleep in Helen’s brother’s bed.

Anyway, several months back Helen points to Nate and says, “That’s Nakesy!”

I thought maybe I just imagined it, except then a couple of weeks ago another one of his classmates, Olivia, made a reference to Baby Nake.

I’ve been asking Nate what his name is and for several weeks he has said, “Nnnnnnet.”  But then this weekend I asked him two or three times and now he says, “Nnnnnnek.”  Hard k.

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