2 v 3

I just got back from six (adjective omitted) days in Las Vegas.  Business.  At least four of those I never saw daylight.

And on Thursday we were given the generous gift of a free day.  As I sat in St. Mark’s Square, sipping my cappuccino made at a gelato stand where they had never heard of an affogato, I sat on a bench and stared up at the infamous clock tower.  And at that moment it came to me like a message from above:

Mentally, logistically, financially… this is the difference between 2 kids and 3.


St. Mark’s Square


 “St. Mark’s Square”


  1. “affogato”…..gotta be a west coast thing that hasn’t caught on past the CA-NEV state line…certainly not down south here…so I googled it and was amazed how many famous chefs’ “recipes” there were that simply said take a scoop of vanilla ice cream and pour a shot of expresso over it!

    thanks for the introduction…will probably become my favorite goto dessert

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