Episode 6

On Christmas Eve Eve it was raining.  We spent the whole day inside because there are very few good places to go with kids when it is raining, especially on holiday weekends before Christmas.  That afternoon I talked the little boys into nap time by crawling into our master bed with me in the middle.

I was in a deep, deep sleep when the soothing sound of the rain outside changed to the alarming sound of water dripping.  Or drizzling.  Or cascading, if you will.  I claw my way out of this deep sleep to look up at the bowl shaped light above the bed where Nate and Jake and I are huddled together in an attempt to create a warm haven in our meat locker of a home.  The light is filling-up like a fish bowl and then the water comes streaming down into the middle of the bed like a bad hotel shower.  I leap out of bed, turn off the light and yell for James to get a bucket.  Poor Nate is startled in the mayhem and falls out of the bed on all fours like a little cat.  Jake watches in excitement as this unfolds.

Fortunately the torrential downpour outside subsides… the backed-up gutter dissipates and the water recedes… leaving our down comforter nice and soggy.

Every day Nate comes into our room, points at the ceiling and exclaims knowingly, “UH Oh.”

You’re tellin’ me.

Fortunately, 13 has always been my lucky number.  Despite the previous spate of incidents, we are so very blessed and have so much to be thankful for.  And given the last few weeks, 2013 cannot come soon enough!


  1. You guys. I am so sorry!!! This is just awful – it has to get better. xo

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