Episode 4

Now that it’s winter it’s basically dark on my way into work and on my way home.  I generally park my car on the street and walk about 10 minutes to the train in order to save a few bucks.

So the other night I’m crossing the four-lane road on the way to my car and I have to run so I don’t get hit by a car.  What used to be an easy crossing seems to be getting tougher now that the economy is picking-up.  So I cross the street in the dark and have to walk a bit farther because all the spots were taken that morning.  Of course a weird looking guy is riding by on his bike.  Did I mention it was dark?

My car is parked across the street from this strange fenced yard that says something about automotive and boat storage?  I’m not exactly sure.  I just know that it has a big padlocked fence and looks sketchy.  So the dude in the plaid shirt riding his bike in the dark is slipping into the automotive storage/meth lab and I am jumping in my car and quick hitting the lock button.

I check my mirrors, throw my car into reverse, back-up and BAM!  I’ve just killed something.  I look up and who is right there looking at me through my driver side window?  I-ride-my-bike-in-the-dark-wearing-dark-clothing-and-then-stealthily-enter-underlit-unidentifiable-establishments-guy.

“You hit a dumpster.”

Great, now I have to get out of my car.  Turns out someone has pushed a small, sturdy dumpster behind my compact SUV while I’ve been at work.  It’s exactly sized so as to be undetectable from the comfort and safety of the drivers seat.  I’ve punched it with the back right corner of my car and knocked it over.  Bike guy wants my help, in my work clothes, to hoist the dumpster back up.  It’s completely full.  We lift it up.  Buckets of garbage have spilled out, but I draw the line at hoisting dumpsters in the dark with weirdos.  I’m not scooping-up filth.  Fortunately the friendly weirdo helps me exit my parking spot safely and I get outta there.  My back taillight was not quite as lucky.

And so I get home and…


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