Dear Santa

Last weekend we all got hot chocolate, strapped into the Toureg, and set out for our annual hour-long wait/pilgrimage to the Los Gatos Festival of Lights.  Just like last year, I had the best seat in the house.  I got to hold both Jakey and Natesy in my lap, cuddle and kiss them and sing Christmas carols as we watched Santa shooting hoops and the pirate ship’s canon and various elves, dinosaurs, vegetables and a big tooth— all in the most dazzling array of colors.

As we were crawling along in the car, waiting to get to the entrance, Jake miraculously remembered that they gave us candy canes as we were leaving last year.  It seems sugar creates indelible memories.  So I’m sitting in the backseat between the two Britax thrones attempting to manage the hot chocolate course.  As we’re sitting there, I ask, “So JJ, what does Mama want from Santa Claus?”

And he dutifully replies, “An iPad, a rocket, and a whale rescue mission.”

Well at least he remembers how much I really want a rocket…  But, what is a whale rescue mission?  Some kind of excursion out of Monterey Bay?


Turns out this is a whale rescue mission.



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