Life Lessons

We just got back from a perfect morning at Happy Hollow.  I freakin’ love that place.  I really do.  We show-up at 10am, ride all the rides before any kids get there, eat our Zanotto’s picnic, visit some animals and then get the heck out of Dodge by 1pm.

Today was a momentous day as Jake is now tall enough to ride all the rides (over 36″).  “I got bigger Mama!”  I was resting with Natesy in the shade when I heard a loud James whistle, looked up and saw Jake zooming past with his dad on hist very first roller coaster ride.  I was so jealous!  Luckily I took him on his first ride on the swings.  They were just like the county fair swings I used to ride with Sarah only in miniature.  We learned our lesson quite some time ago not to go near any rides that are for “big kids” as the disappointment tears are hard to dry.  Luckily Nate is still happy to just ride along in his stroller and yell out when the spirit moves him.

I’ve decided Happy Hollow is also an excellent microcosm for key life lessons:

1) Patience: It’s amazing the stamina a 2-year-old can exhibit while waiting in the hot, hot sun to ride Danny the Dragon.  I think we watched him go around three times once before it was our turn.  If you can demonstrate that level of patience then you can wait 5 minutes at 5am before I must spring from the bed to get your morning milk.

2) Cheerfullness: They don’t call it Grumpy Hollow now do they?  This is an important reminder should one not leave the premises with a smile on one’s face.

3) Thriftiness: Sometimes chasing squirrels is the most fun thing you can possibly do.  And it’s completely free.

4) Bravery:  Jacob will go on the tallest, darkest tube slides without fear.  He’s become quite brave now that he’s over 3 feet. 

5) Decision-making: And last but not least, don’t ever let someone tattoo your hands or your wrists unless you aspire to be a Target cashier or a kiddie ride operator.  Do you want to listen to “Banana Phone” over and over for an 8 hour shift?  I didn’t think so.


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