Ode to Angelica

Twice a month on Tuesdays
at eight a.m.
My cleaning angel comes
to save me from mayhem

There’s crusty spaghetti
stuck to the table
Is it just me…
or does it smell like a stable?

Muddy little shoes
piled-up by the door
Eco-friendly toys
litter the floor

If we had a dog
I’m sure the linoleum would be cleaner
But who has time
to care for yet another creature?

I come home at night
and breathe a contented sigh
My house is sparkly and serene
at least for one night

The stove is spotless
the bath mats are bright
Even the ceiling fixtures are dusted
the world is right

Angelica, our savior
you’re worth every cent
You always raise my spirits
even when I’m spent

If I wasn’t married
and if you washed clothes
I think it’s quite possible
that I would propose

Three little boys
one angel of clean
Five more days till she’s back
at least there’s caffeine


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