Rollie Pollie

I recently learned that Obama’s secret service code name is Renegade.  Apparently Reagan was Rawhide and W. was known as Trailblazer.

Baby Nate is currently under heightened surveillance and therefore, clearly needs a code name.  I had some fun using the Internet code name generator (  But I’m going to have to nix Tumbler and Hotshot.  Cannonball is a serious contender.  As is Fireplug.  Or Thunder.  But at the end of the day, Nathaniel’s new secret service code name is: Rollie Pollie.

Why is Natesy under heightened surveillance?  Honestly, there’s no telling what he’ll do.  And he’s on the run.  Well, the roll.  He can no longer be trusted to stay put– even under house arrest.  Our days of leaving him in one place and finding him in the same spot moments later are almost over.  He’s on the living room floor and then you come back and he’s done a 180… as would be expected of a surveillance target.

On Saturday, June 18th, he propelled his rollie pollie little self almost all the way over onto his tummy.  The only problem was one stubborn elbow.  Then on Monday night, June 20th, while I was in San Diego on a secret mission, I’m told he did it again… a perfect show for Nonna.  Her chosen code name.

We’ve recruited Jacob into the fold.  Observation is a clear strength of his.  He can now be seen wearing sunglasses and speaking into his collar, “Rollie Pollie is on the move.”

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