Yes Man

For at least a year, Jakey’s favorite word has been “no.”  It used to be the response to just about everything.

“More cereal?”  “No.”
“Do you want a cookie?”  “No.”
“Do you want a million dollars?”  “No.”

Then a few months ago he started to mix it up with “nope” and “nah.”  The worst is when his face turns a deep red and he points his little finger up in the air and shakes with rage as he yells, “NOOOOO!”  As previously described, this is sometimes combined with tears springing from his eyes in defiance of gravity.

For maybe three weeks it’s like angels have descended from heaven and blessed us with the most miraculous word.  It’s a simple word, one you think you’ve heard a million times and would therefore be unremarkable… and then you hear it and it’s the most beautiful sound you’ve ever heard.

You guessed it: YES.

All of a sudden our questions are validated, endorsed, approved, confirmed.  “Yeah.”  “Yep.” “Yes.”  Accompanied by an affirmative nod.  I’ve never appreciated agreeableness so much.  It’s even better when followed by, “Daddy, Mama’s funny.”

Is this parenthood heaven?


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