Preetie Cute

Jakey has been saying some pretty cute things these days.  A list of my favorites:

  • “Up or down.  Up or down.”  (Clearly he wants up, but for some reason he’s added this second option, as though he’s giving us a choice.)
  • “Seat down, Mama.  Seat down.”  (This week in the middle of the night we heard, “Seat down chair.  Seat down chair.”)
  • “Hugs, keeses.”
  • “Tum, Mama.  Tum.”  (Come.  Always accompanied by an insistent beckoning hand gesture that’s sort of a mix between a backward wave and a one-handed clap.)
  • After accidentally squirting himself in the eye with the baby rubber ducky in the tub, “Time out, Ducky.  Time out.”
  • Every time I hand Jakey something, “Dane you, Mama.”
  • When presenting me with freshly baked wooden cupcakes, “Tooooo Youuuuu, Hap Bir Tooooo Youuuuu.”
  • Weeks ago, James’ dad came to visit but went home feeling really sick.  Since then, “Papa Otay?”
  • Coming toward you really slowly with his little crab claw out, building up the suspense, and then attacking, ‘Teackle, teackle!”  (Tickle)
  • When addressing the stuffed animal monkey he got from Uncle Brett for Christmas, “Monkey Mouse!”
  • Running up to flowers and running his hands over them, generously putting on lip balm, when Mama pretends to apply mascara or blush, “Oooh preetie.  Preetie.”
  • If asked to try on a hat while shopping, “Cute.  Cute.”

Preetie cute.

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