24 Weeks: Ear of Corn

I’ve been sick for over two weeks… ever since we got back from DC.  For a few days I thought I was definitely on the mend, but now I’ve taken a turn for the worse.  In normal circumstances, people talk about coughing up a lung.  I think maybe I’m on the verge of coughing up a baby…

Or an ear of corn.


  1. Yikes…get some rest, in fact stay in bed for an entire day, drink plenty of fluids etc. You know the drill. Take care of yourself. Pregnant women’s immune systems are sketchy at best. Don’t mess around waiting to get better. Tell your doctor. Two weeks is too long.

    (this lecture was brought to you from Aunt Sara’s vast storehouse of advice and counsel on any number of subjects)

  2. Yes Dr. Bird, will do. I hear my mom’s voice in my head right now, “You’re burning the candle at both ends…”

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