Gotham City’s Dental Hygienist

“Holy molar Batman!  I owe my life to dental hygiene.”

Yes, I married a man who has said this to me on countless occasions.   How does he even find appropriate situations to whip out this Robin quote?  I have no idea… but you have to be somewhat impressed, right?  I got in trouble with Jacob’s Grantmother for not having documented the fact that he has multiple molars.

I’m pretty sure he has 3 and a half. “Brush teeth, Nigh-nigh” has been particularly challenging this week.  I hope his vitamins with fluoride are helping to counteract the ineffectiveness of “suck on toothbrush, arch back, squirm, cry and escape in a blur of black cape and pointy ears”… which is roughly what happened tonight.

You know, Batman is known for his teeth, as most bats are I’m sure.  Nigh-nigh Bruce Wayne.  I’ll get you next time.


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