Today I took Jake to school in the outfit he wore to Emily and Shaun’s wedding… but a more dressed-down “school worthy” version (jeans rather than matching pants with suspenders).  This is definitely the outfit Jakey wears to get girls.  Teacher Linda C. was head over heels.  She quickly got out her camera and tried to snap a picture of Jake while pushing the other little kids out of the way.  Honestly it was like a baby mob of paparazzi with Jake striking poses.

Teacher Linda C. is either an expert at making me think Jacob is her favorite, or she is very bad at concealing her favoritism…  Previously she told me that Jake has a very promising future.  She can tell by his ear lobes.  This may be hard to believe but multiple people have told me this after inspecting this child’s ears.  Remind me to Google Chinese fortunes based on ears…

So I arrive to pick Jake up this afternoon and Teacher Linda C. is telling me that she is sure this boy is going to be very, very successful.  (He really has her wrapped around his little finger.)  I’m thinking she’s going to tell me about his ears again, but no.  Teacher Linda C. has been reading Jacob’s palm.  (It’s easier to read when he’s sleeping FYI).

He has 3 lines which apparently means serious success is in his future.  I do not have these lines (which obviously explains why I’m just an individual contributor at the first biotech company…)  “He could be President.  Or a Congressman.  You make sure to call me when he is very successful!”  I promised that I will be sure Jacob mentions the impact of his first and favorite teacher, Teacher Linda C., when delivering his inaugural speech.  She assured me, there are no other children in this classroom with such promising palms.

Driving Mr. Daisy

Jacob and his “extra lucky” earlobes & palms.

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