Unicorns, Dragons, & Yetis…

Unicorns, dragons, & yetis…  all legendary, mythological creatures.  Just last week James told me about a new legendary creature: The Standing Jacob. 

 “Suppooooosedly” this creature, who has just learned to crawl in a coordinated fashion, stood up not once, not twice, but three times on Sunday the 8th (6 whole days before his 8-month birthday).  While I was at P.F. Chang’s “researching” my final MBA group project, The Standing Jacob apparently stood up by the couch and then knocked his little mythological noggin.  He had a very real looking bump as “proof.”

So I’ve been camped out for the last week hoping to get a glimpse of this rare, folkloric creature.  Of course, like most of those whackos with their Bigfoot sightings and Loch Ness Monster run-ins, I didn’t get a clear picture.  It was dark, I had wet hair in my face…   But I saw it with my own eyes.  Imagine a side profile of a blurry, monkey-like creature holding on to the ottoman, staring with his shiny eyes directly at the camera…  and then in a flash, as quickly as I saw him, he blended back into the dark, crowded toy forest of the livingroom…


  1. Jaim – I can so hear you talking while i read this. love it.

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