Downward Dog

JJ has been doing yoga since he was in the womb.  Although I remember his favorite pose (or maybe his mommy’s favorite pose) was shavasana (basically taking a nap) and then waking up for Hershey’s kisses…

Lately Baby Jake has perfected a couple of new tricks.  This isn’t the best picture, but he has definitely been doing Downward Dog:

Downward Dog

Yesterday was the first time I saw him go from the cat-cow, aka feline-bovine pose, straight to sitting up… without looking inebriated!

And last night his daddy picked him up by his arms and he “walked” toward me.  But the best thing of all– today I went to pick Jake up at school.  He was on the floor on the other side of the room and I was busy sitting down and looking at his “My Day Form” which documents his every input and output on a daily basis…  Jakey crawled the whole way across the room to get to me.  And then he looked up at me and flashed those two little tic-tacs.  My little yogi is so big!

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